Augmented reality

To celebrate the launch of our super-fast Augmented Reality technology, we are proud to announce the release of our showcase app; the first, we hope, of many. Over the coming months, we will be featuring more String™ powered projects, games and demo pieces from around the world. We hope you enjoy this first release.

Please note, the featured content is for demonstration purposes and as such, not representative of final products.

  • boffswana Bully!


    by Boffswana

    Proto is green, has three eyes and likes to scratch himself sometimes. But he’ll go wherever you tell him to go.

  • scrawl Bully!


    by String™

    We started an internal project to interrogate potential use-cases for user generated AR content, as well as looking for a cool side project.
    We asked the question: “How can users be creative with this technology rather than passively viewing content?”
    What came out of those explorations was Scrawl, the world’s first 3D augmented reality drawing app for iPhone.
    We have big plans for Scrawl but for the moment, here is a very early preview.

  • Bully!


    by String™

    An in-house experiment for customising virtual footwear, triggered by a poster or print advert. One day, we may all be able to buy our sneakers like this, right from our phones.

  • Bully!


    by Bully! Entertainment

    Beyond the walls and through the paintings, dragons really do exist. This one doesn’t look too mean though. We call him Dave.