String™ creates incredible Augmented Reality experiences

We work with brands and agencies looking to harness the future of mobile Augmented Reality, and leverage our technology and experience to full effect.

We are currently working with some of the leading companies in the world: Boeing, Audi, Ford, Fujitsu, and Paramount.

Powering rich content

Our technology is fast and flexible. String™ powers 3D animation, games, video, audio and internet based content

Providing an experienced team

Our guys have the skills and experience you'd expect, hailing from digital, mobile and creative backgrounds. String™ provide consultancy, manage projects end-to-end, and handle content production and build.

Working with leading content partners

We work with clients in various ways but always to deliver unbelievable AR experiences. String™ have a network of leading content partners who we work closely with depending on the nature of the project.


More String™ powered projects coming soon